Prince hates Cecil; Cecil hates Prince

Prince Fielder T-Shirt
The Journal Sentinel story today about Prince Fielder’s 50th home run of the season includes some of the best quotes in the history family feuds. (That includes Cal Ripken once telling his dad to shut up, and also Ray Combs’ producer telling him he was no Richard Dawson.)

Selected favorites:

Fielder said he had no intention of keeping the 50th home run ball, but was hoping for No. 52.

“My dad had 51 (as a season high),” Fielder said. “Then, he can’t say anything.”

And then:

“It would be a cool award to get but that’s not something I think about,” he said, “besides the fact my dad never did it. If I do get it, that shuts him up again.”

And then:

“That’s why I’m so passionate about playing. I don’t mind people comparing me to him but I’m a completely different player. One day I want people to mention my name and not have to mention his.”

And then:

As for the recent comments from his father, Fielder said, “You’ve got to look at who’s saying it. Let’s be honest. He’s not really the brightest guy.”

Wow. Well done, big guy. This is deserving of its own t-shirt. How about “Cecil Fielder squandered my signing bonus, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”

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